Purchase Order/Quote

Are you in need of a quote or purchase order information? If so, you are in the right place!


If you are in need of a quote, you can obtain a quote two ways:

1. Go to shop and locate the items you seek to purchase and add them to the cart. You can then print your cart which can act as a quote; which you can provide your administration.


2. Download the following quote form. Fill out with Part Number, Description, Quantity, and Price. This can be given to your administration to obtain a purchase order. 

Quote Form

Purchase Order (PO):

If your school district requires a PO, orders can be fulfilled once we receive the PO.

Purchase orders (PO) can be submitted below. Please include the following information on the purchase order: School/Agency name,PO Number, Point of Contact, Date of Order, Request of Delivery Date, Description, Part Number, Quantity of Goods or Service, Ship&Bill to Address, Payment Details, Invoice Address, and Quotation number if applicable.

Once the PO has been received, your order will be placed and mailed to the ship to address listed on the PO. Both the bill to and the ship to address will receive an invoice.