Online Curriculum


Why is the Online Curriculum the easiest and most effective way to teach your d/hh students?

Your curriculum is ready as soon as you open your computer:

  • No more carrying binders, bags, and boxes of activities
  • Interactive, comprehensive- ready to use lessons
  • Data scoring for each student
  • Appropriate activities for all ages
  • No printing out worksheets
  • Organized- all in one place
  • Comprehensive Curriculum with a complete scope and sequence including goals and objectives
  • No prepping needed
  • Easily track objectives for each student
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Engaging, fun, interactive activities for your students
  • Easy to measure results with assessments for each lesson

What’s inside of the Online Curriculum?

Made-for-you lessons, goals & objectives, and assessments 
  • Lessons for ages K-12
  • Goals & Objectives at your fingertips
  • Interactive activities for your students- click & play while learning
  • Interactive assessments to measure learning
  • Data scoring for each student
  • Progress monitoring

How it works:

The pre-made lessons within the online curriculum allow you to spend more time on what’s important. Simply pick and choose from pre-made lessons for each student. Each of your students is unique, allow them to learn at their own rate. Easily monitor your students progress as they work toward their goals. Assessments are interactive and ready when your student is.

How it helps:

Students receive an enhanced learning experience by transforming your lessons by taking advantage of pre-planned, pre-prepared lessons so that you can do what you do best - teach. Jet between students with peace of mind, knowing your curriculum is ready as soon as you open your computer.

  • Spend more time with your students
  • Easily measure learning without having to create your own assessments
  • Spend less time prepping for lessons
  • Goals and objectives for each student in one place

No matter if you are in person with your students or virtual, the Online Curriculum allows you to remain connected with your students. 

Access to the curriculum is based on student seats. Due to federal guidelines as well as for the safety of each student, sharing of student seats, ID, or passwords is not permitted. This is an annual subscription. 

If you are a school district in need of a quote, contact us @:

School districts are likely familiar with purchasing instructional books for various grade levels such as; Kindergarten through 5th grade or instructional curriculum for High School students, but very few instructional curriculums span all 12 grade levels.That's what makes our curriculum unique, we cover Kindergarten through 12th grade in a way that suits the needs of the student as they grow. 

You can Purchase the curriculum here or from the home page under the SHOP tab- Online Curriculum

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