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DR. JEN RICHARDSON has 16 years of private practice experience in the field of educational audiology. She has conducted over 12,000 hearing loss interventions, has helped more than 60,000 educators and parents develop highly-effective strategies, and has provided cutting-edge technology to dramatically improve academic and social results for children with hearing loss. From densely-populated urban centers to small-town, rural school districts, Dr. Richardson covers the complete array of educational settings, including early childhood programs through university classrooms in Wisconsin. Dr. Richardson is a leading authority in the educational audiology community, providing educational services, support, and guidance to schools — helping children and young adults with hearing loss realize their full potential. Her knowledgebase encompasses all aspects of educational audiology, including hearing aids and cochlear implants, assistive listening technology, hearing loss, advocacy, accommodations, modifications, socialemotional development, special education services, and transition services to college and workplace settings.


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The Why Behind Hearing Milestones

There are so many amazing advances in the world today, yet curriculum for children with hearing loss has stood still. 

Being an Educational Audiologist and a D/HH Teacher is crazy HARD WORK… No one person can truly understand unless they have walked in our shoes…. Working for hours planning our lessons, running between schools to see students, getting our materials together, finding an empty room in each school to work with our students, grading papers, scheduling our visits…it’s an ENDLESS stream of work… that literally NEVER STOPS.......Nodding your head? 

I too feel this way…..So after talking with many Ed Auds and D/HH Teachers as well as conducting a multi-state survey where the responses resoundingly indicated a need for tools and resources that fit into a busy work day- yet still allowed for differentiation for their students, it happened…I decided to create something FOR Ed Auds & D/HH Teachers so they could have a bit of their live back… and that’s when Hearing Milestones was born…

My WHY is  to help Ed Auds & D/HH Teachers REDUCE the constant OVERWHELMED FEELING that occurs week in and week out by taking some of the WORK OFF of their shoulders!

I asked myself…“What can I do to help others NOT feel this way and take some of the burden OFF of their shoulders?”

With that said-Hearing Milestones aims to reduce stress, by having a system that creates the consistency and routine needed so your students can become their own best advocate and harness their inner hero. To provide Ed Auds and D/HH Teachers with tools, audiological supplies, online curriculum, HAT products, and resources for their students.  With the online curriculum accessible as soon as you open your computer it allows for instant and consistent access to learning. We bring together advocacy, hearing loss, and assistive technology in a way that is concise, consistent, and engaging!

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