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School days for educational audiologists and D/HH teachers are nothing short of a whirlwind, so allow Hearing Milestones to do your heavy lifting- literally! Tired of your shoulders hurting because you are lugging binders, toolboxes, bags, and boxes of activities from school to school? Our online curriculum, resources, hearing assistive technology (HAT), batteries, supplies, and accessories save you time & money, so you can spend more time with your students. 

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Giving Back

From the start, Hearing Milestones has seen the need to contribute to the community of children with hearing loss.

First and foremost, we are here to empower this generation of children. Our platform provides tools to empower children because we know that hearing loss may be a part of them, but it does not define who they are or who they will become. We believe it’s important for children to know that we all have struggles and although we don’t choose our struggles, we do control how we rise above.

Every school year, Hearing Milestones will provide three scholarships to persons who work with students with hearing loss to use towards the student(s) behalf. 

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Online Platform

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Online Curriculum

Educational Audiologists and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teachers want to help their students be their own best advocate. Our online learning provides curriculum for children with hearing loss, from kindergarten through high school. The curriculum can be accessed whenever and wherever, simply pick and choose from pre-made lessons as you move through the curriculum. Easily monitor goals and objectives. Your data is automatically saved, and is there when you log back in for your next session. Assessments are interactive and ready when your student is.

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Hearing Milestones Product Store


A one-stop online shop for all hearing needs – from high-tech hearing assistive technology to accessories (and everything in between). School days are fast-paced leaving very little time to scour the internet for products and tools that will help students with hearing loss. Our online store allows you to browse and purchase products quickly and easily. Our members will receive exclusive offers and discounts from our partners as they become available.  

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As a mom of two boys (one of whom has struggled with fluctuating hearing loss), I also happen to have an auditory processing disorder. I am beyond thrilled to provide the Hearing Milestones platform to support this new generation of children.

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The Why Behind Hearing Milestones

There are so many amazing advances in the world today, yet curriculum for children with hearing loss has stood still. Being an Educational Audiologist and a D/HH Teacher is crazy HARD WORK… No one person can truly understand unless they have walked in our shoes…. Working for hours planning our lessons, running between schools to see students, getting our materials together, finding an empty room in each school to work with our students, grading papers, scheduling our visits…it’s an ENDLESS stream of work… that literally NEVER STOPS.......Nodding your head? 

I too feel this way…..So after talking with many Ed Auds and D/HH Teachers as well as conducting a multi-state survey where the responses resoundingly indicated a need for tools and resources that fit into a busy work day- yet still allowed for differentiation for their students, it happened…I decided to create something FOR Ed Auds & D/HH Teachers so they could have a bit of their live back… and that’s when Hearing Milestones was born…My WHY is  to help Ed Auds & D/HH Teachers REDUCE the constant OVERWHELMED FEELING that occurs week in and week out by taking some of the WORK OFF of their shoulders!I asked myself…“What can I do to help others NOT feel this way and take some of the burden OFF of their shoulders?”

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All of these features (with more on the way) are available to help you and your students. Discover the Hearing Milestones platform!