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    Providing you and your child with the tools and resources so your child can gain self-confidence, be their own best advocates, and harness their inner hero

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Child Hearingmilestones

Whether your child was born with hearing loss or acquired hearing loss later in life, they need care and support. As a parent, you have important questions like:

• What can I do to help my child feel confident and empowered?

• How can I make sure that teachers understand my child’s needs?

• What does the latest hearing loss research actually mean, in plain English?

• How can I connect with other families who have a child with hearing loss?

• Where can I find nearby camps, events, daycares and activities for my child?

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HEARING MILESTONES was created to help answer questions like these in one simple, easy-to-use platform. In a multi-state survey, parents resoundingly replied that they need tools and resources that fit into their busy, on-the-go lives. Families are seeking more information, more help, more understanding, and more stories of trial and triumph. Our mission is to provide parents with resources so their children can gain self-confidence, be their own best advocates, and harness their inner hero. We bring together advocacy, hearing loss, and assistive technology in a way that is fun!

Our Platform

Hearing Milestones is a multi-faceted platform that will grow in the years to come to provide more tools and resources for parents. 

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Connect with fellow on-the-go parents raising children with hearing loss. Be supported in a trusted, judgement free community.  We all have our own unique story— maybe you are new to this journey, or maybe you have lived through many trials and triumphs of raising a child with hearing loss. This community is designed to connect families with hearing loss to other families, near and far. Share your experiences and find inspiration every day. You can access the community from your computer or with our app. 

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HAT Devices

Product Store

A one-stop online shop for all hearing needs – from high-tech hearing assistive technology to accessories (and everything in between.) Life in a fast-paced society leaves very little time to scour the internet for products and tools that will help our children with hearing loss, and our online store allows you to browse and purchase hearing assistive technology quickly and easily. Shop our online store to receive exclusive offers and discounts from our partners (including large hearing aid manufacturers and small, independent shops). Share your favorite products so the rest of the community can also experience those great finds!

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Online Learning

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Parents want to help their children be their own best advocate. Our curriculum is especially developed for children with hearing loss, from pre-k through high school. The curriculum is provided by a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher and/or Educational Audiologist. The curriculum can be accessed whenever and wherever, allowing your child to learn when it is most convenient for them. 

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Roger for Home

Utilizing Roger in your home allows your child to hear you no matter where you.  Or maybe you are in the car or outside riding bike- Roger allows your child to stay connected with you. Your child works hard to hear each and every day at school, play, extracurricular activities, and at home. Allow Roger to do some of the heavy lifting minimizing your child's listening effort and reduce fatigue. 

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Giving Back

From the start, Hearing Milestones has seen the need to contribute to our community of children with hearing loss. First and foremost, we are here to empower this generation of children. Our platform provides the tools for empowerment because we know that hearing loss may be a part of them, but it does not define who they are or who they will become. We believe it is important for children to know that everyone has their own unique struggle, and even though we may not have control over what our struggles are, we do have control over how we rise above it. We are also here to support this community’s access to health, education, and hearing in in whatever way we can.

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About Our Founder

As a mom of two boys (one of whom has struggled with fluctuating hearing loss), I also happen to have an auditory processing disorder. I am beyond thrilled to provide the Hearing Milestones platform to support this new generation of children

-Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen With Child

DR. JEN RICHARDSON has 16 years of private practice experience in the field of educational audiology. She has conducted over 12,000 hearing loss interventions, has helped more than 60,000 educators and parents develop highly-effective strategies, and has provided cutting-edge technology to dramatically improve academic and social results for children with hearing loss. From densely-populated urban centers to small-town, rural school districts, Dr. Richardson covers the complete array of educational settings, including early childhood programs through university classrooms in Wisconsin. Dr. Richardson is a leading authority in the educational audiology community, providing educational services, support, and guidance to schools — helping children and young adults with hearing loss realize their full potential. Her knowledgebase encompasses all aspects of educational audiology, including hearing aids and cochlear implants, assistive listening technology, hearing loss, advocacy, accommodations, modifications, socialemotional development, special education services, and transition services to college and workplace settings.