Hands Free Classroom

Why is the Hands-Free Classroom the easiest and most effective way to teach your d/hh students?

Your curriculum is ready as soon as you open your computer

  • No carrying books
  • No wasted time
  • Easy to teach all ages
  • No printing out worksheets
  • Organize your notes in one place
  • Goals for each student in one place
  • Easily prep lessons in minimal time
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Fun for students to use with clickable pictures
  • Easy to measure results with tests for each lesson
  • Easy to keep track of objectives for each student

What’s inside the Hands-Free classroom?

Made-for-you lessons, objectives, and assessments

A place to keep objectives and notes for every student

  • Lessons for ages K-12
  • Objectives for each lesson
  • Interactive pictures students can click
  • Interactive assessments to measure learning
  • Data collection for each student
  • Assessments and easy-to-understand rubric
  • IEP progress monitor

How it works

It’s easy to prep lessons using the Hands-Free classroom. Spend more time on what’s important. Simply pick and choose from pre-made lessons to build a personalized curriculum for each student. Easily create and monitor IEP plans with a progress monitor which remembers for you. Save time by testing students with one of the dozens of assessments located inside the Hands-Free classroom. It’s easy to grade assessments, too. Each assessment comes with a clear and simple rubric. Your data is automatically saved, and is there when you log back in for your next session. Easily keep track of your place, and what to teach during your next session.  

How it helps

Students receive an enhanced learning experience by transforming your lessons by taking advantage of pre-planned, pre-prepared lessons so that you can do what you do best - teach. Jet between students with peace of mind, knowing your curriculum is ready as soon as you open your computer.

  • Spend more time with your students
  • Spend less time prepping lessons
  • Easily measure learning without having to create your own quizzes
  • Easy to remember objectives for each student